About Charity University

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Charity University Registered under the scientific act xxi 1860,s-1894(70)/98 and 1922’s Income tax act. from Joint stock of Bangladesh.

The  Chairman of the Charity University:

Prof. M.N. Islam, Ph.D.

Ambassador for Peace, UPF http://www.upf.org/ambassadors-for-peace/ and IIFFWP http://www.family-federation.com/dayinfo/2-6iifwp.htm , special Consultative status with ECOSOC, UNO https://www.un.org/ecosoc/, Authorized Representative of VCC  http://www.allvcc.com/  for South Asia Regions, California, USA, Global Representative, Phosphane attorneys, Pretoria, South Africa, and International Research Associate, FIDMA, India, Co-Chairman Of Architecture Research And Development Ltd (ARDL), Charity University, Project Aid Associates Public Ltd And Social Network,• Cell:+88 01768340054, E-mail: charityvarsity@yahoo.com

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Founder of the Charity University and General Secretary and:

Sumsun Nahar Begum (Moonni), B.arch (BUET),

Managing director (CEO)/Chief Architect
Architecture Research and Development Limited
Executive Director (planning, operation, development, and construction)for Middle East countries, Social Network, Project Director, (planning, operation, development, and construction) for the pacific region, International loan management, and holdings ltd. Rome Italy.Director, NGO Consortium.
Director, Charity University

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Charity University is a Vocational university Affiliated by Yale University

Charity University is a private, Self-Directed Learning institute. Charity University is Social Reconstruction, research, and training-based welfare organization which is totally nonpolitical and a well-being institute. 

Charity University has Job oriented Courses and Training.