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Charity University –

Charity University is a Professional University, Applied Technological University, College of Higher Vocational Studies, is an institution of higher education and sometimes research, which provides both tertiary and sometimes Quaternary education. The education system at the Charity University combines teaching of both practical and theoretical and sometimes it has employment opportunities by Internship.

Charity University is spread multiple community education of  medical and clinical ,  modern science and technology , literature and art and architecture education  based on present public demand under certain department under 1860’s Scientific Act and 1922’s Income tax act.

The main objective of The Charity University is to act for the Public Benefit – to advance knowledge and learning by practical teaching and research. Courses can Study from any where.It has Concept of Outsource Campus or E-Campus.Exception of the Charity University is the Self-Directed Learning System.

Self-Directed Learning 

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The Charity University is a private,Self-Directed Learning institute.

Charity University is Social Reconstruction, research and training based welfare organization which is totally non political and well being institute.


Since its founding Charity University has been dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge, inspiring innovation, and preserving cultural and scientific information for future generations of the Global people.


The  Chairman of the Charity University:


Prof. M.N. Islam, Ph.D.

Ambassador for Peace,UPF http://www.upf.org/ambassadors-for-peace/ and IIFFWP http://www.family-federation.com/dayinfo/2-6iifwp.htm ,special Consultative status with ECOSOC , UNO https://www.un.org/ecosoc/, Authorized Representative of VCC  http://www.allvcc.com/  for South Asia Regions,California,USA, Global Representative, Phosphane attorneys, Pretoria,South Africa and International Research Associate, FIDMA, India,Co-Chairman Of Architecture Research And Development Ltd (ARDL) ,Charity University ,Project Aid Associates Public Ltd And Social Network,• Cell:+88 01768340054,E-mail: charityvarsity@yahoo.com

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General Secretary and Founder of the Charity University:

Sumsun Nahar Begum (Moonni),B.arch (BUET),

Managing director (CEO)/Chief architect
Architecture Research and Development Limited
Executive Director (planning, operation,development and construction)for Middle East countries,Social Network, Project Director, (planning, operation, development and construction) for pacific region, International loan management and holdings ltd. Rome Italy.Director, NGO Consortium.
Director, Charity University

The aim of the Charity University-

  • The aim of the Charity University is spread education as medical and clinical education , modern science and technology education , literature and fine arts education, art and architecture education, construction technology based on present public demand under certain department under 1860’s Scientific Act and 1922’s Income tax act.
  • It has Opportunities to take international course of Study under foreign universities. Students can go to abroad to take training and to achieve higher education.
  • Charity University is opened any campus for as practical field at the any district, union, Thana, area of the country and having practical experience by connection with general people or problems.
  • Charity University is arranged various mobile unit and provide skilful training based on different subject or courses.
  • Charity University is used any organization, campus, institute, factory, industry, hospital, offices, business organization, and agency after the permission of the concern authorise of the using.
  • Charity University is provide education and honorary certificates for science and technology, sociology, humanities, social science, medicine, food and nutrition, agriculture, poultry hatchery, ICT etc. Subjects or courses to the young male female people under 1852’s literacy and scientific act .based on appropriate curriculum of the related subjects or courses.
  • Build a untraditional structure instead of present traditional educational problems.
  • Provide education and practical income generation training to the unemployed male female people. In that case the subject of the education and practical income generation training includes 300 different type practical and trade courses.
  • Charity University is established practical skilled training and education system instead of present traditional education system after the approval of executive committee of the organization
  • Charity University is providing honorary certificates (based on countries statutory ruse and regulations and after approvals of the authorities).
  • Charity University is influence to participating unemployed or male female people to the multiple social reconstruction activities willingly and create mentality to serve society based on humanitarian ground.
  • Main objectives of the esteem organization are providing welfare to the people and establish peace and prosperity of the people of the country.
  • Charity University has a venue to discover the sustainable why of poor people’s living by proving appropriate lessions.
  • Charity University can established multiple organizations to provide practical training on various sectors such as hospital, health centre, maternity centre, Auer Vedic centre ,satellite training ,primary health care centre under health sectors training, factory for trade course training under the approval of the related authorities but cannot provide any certifies on clinical science only.
  • Charity University can research on multiples health related or scientific technology based on betterment ground of the people.
  • Charity University is Increase employment opportunities to the unemployed by implementations of the appropriate trade and skillful human resources development based education and creates opportunities of the human peace and prosperity.
  • Charity University can arrange seminars, conferences, symposium, meeting for the betterment of the society.
  • Arranged any camp as eye camp or health camp for greatest betterment of the country.
  • Charity University can take Concrete social reconstruction activities to the society.
  • Charity University can establish any social counselling centers for the betterment of the society.


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