of the Charity University

Charity University is a Professional University, Applied Technological University, College of Higher Vocational Studies, is an institution of higher education and sometimes research, which provides both tertiary and sometimes Quaternary education. The education system at the Charity University combines teaching of both practical and theoretical and sometimes it has employment opportunities by Internship.Charity University is used any organization, campus, institute, factory, industry, hospital, offices, business organization, and agency after the permission of the concern authorities ,It is a new  Concept of E-Campus. It has Global Green Campus education system.

Charity University is spread multiple community education of  medical and clinical ,  modern science and technology , literature and art and architecture education  based on present public demand under certain department under 1860’s Scientific Act and 1922’s Income tax act.

The main objective of the Charity University is to act for the Public Benefit – to advance knowledge and learning by practical teaching and research. Courses can Study from any where.It has Concept of Outsource Campus or E-Campus.Exception of the Charity University is the


Its   Learning System.

Self-Directed Learning 

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The Charity University is a private,Self-Directed Learning institute.

Charity University is Social Reconstruction, research and training based welfare organization which is totally non political and well being institute.


Since its founding Charity University has been dedicated to expanding and sharing knowledge, inspiring innovation, and preserving cultural and scientific information for future generations of the Global people.

Bangladesh Campus:

Dhaka Campus: 

The  Chairman of the Charity University:


Prof. M.N. Islam, Ph.D.

General Secretary and Founder of the Charity University:

Sumsun Nahar Begum (Moonni),B.Arch (BUET),


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